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Where is the Cloud?
Until recently, the word cloud didn't mean more than the clouds we see up on sky is not clear, now, it has a whole other meaning, and a whole other world, where many old notions are no longer valid. What is the "Cloud"? and what is cloud computing ? A brief history of Cloud It [...]
Humans: the weak link in Cyber security
Every system strength is evaluated on that of it’s weakest link, and when talking about information security, one of the most threatened systems with daily attacks and hacks, Human’s are definitely the weakest link in the system. Nothing can be quiet dangerous to a system - whether it is a bank’s information system that handles [...]
Etre un Ethical Hacker
Ce fut un temps où le nombre d’ordinateurs au monde ne dépassait pas la dizaine, et où le nombre de programmeurs était aux environs de la centaine. Ce n’est pas loin dans le temps, cela en fait que 70 ans que ENIAC, le premier ordinateur, fut inventé en 1946 [1]. Pendant ces 70 ans, on [...]


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