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Certified Information Systems Auditor CISA (coaching)

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CISA course trains candidates on information systems auditing, control and security.

This course covers the five areas of information security auditing, enabling professionals to enhance their information technology and security skills.

As it has become more important for organizations to hire employees who can take a holistic view of information systems and their relationship to organizational and business success, many hiring managers are looking for CISA-certified candidates. For some companies and government agencies, CISA is even a primary requirement for information technology systems positions. This certification has become the global benchmark for performance standards for those who evaluate an organization’s information and business systems and ensure their availability and sustainability.

Since its inception in 1978 by ISACA, more than 129,000 individuals have become CISA certified to validate their expertise.

Certified Information Systems Auditor is recognized worldwide as the gold standard for those who audit, control, monitor and evaluate an organization’s information technology and business systems. Foote Partners’ recent quarterly IT Skills and Certifications Pay Index (ITSCPI) ranked Certified Information Systems Auditor as one of the most sought-after and highest paying IT certifications. This certification is a must-have for mid-career IT professionals looking to grow their careers.

Benefits of obtaining the CISA certification:

  • Validate your expertise and advance your career as an information systems auditor
  • Achieve a world-renowned standard with the Certified Information Systems Auditor certification for auditing, monitoring and evaluating enterprise IT systems.
  • Gain instant Certified Information Systems Auditor recognition from stakeholders, external auditors, regulators and other professionals.
  • Launch your career as an information systems auditor with ISACA’s internationally recognized CISA certification.
  • Create effective teams that meet business objectives through increased oversight and monitoring.
  • Achieve a minimum 22% salary increase with the Certified Information Systems Auditor designation.
  • Be part of an estimated 150,000+ CISA certified professionals worldwide.



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Tunisian Cloud - Les Berges du Lac 1

Immeuble Chammam, Les Berges du Lac