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Developer BootCamp


After years of training and coaching of IT professionals, Tunisian Cloud is turning to training and coaching young IT professionals to ensure a boost to the future of ICT in Tunisia.
Developer BootCamp is a very condensed program covering many aspects of computing, from the Web to mobile development, including Linux and programming paradigms, concluded by a Master Class in Cybersecurity with the possibility to take the Certified Secure Computer User exam.

7 Days

Developer BootCamp is 6 course sessions for students assigned to the engineering cycle, for computer science students, for people interested in development in general.

  1. Algorithms and data structures, programming paradigms.
  2. Linux + Linux install party.
  3. Clean Code: code maintenance, logging & test units.
  4. Web development: MEAN stack
  5. Mobile Development : Android
  6. Master class in Cyber Security: Preparation for CSCU certification

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