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Cloud Computing Security


Cloud Computing Security training course allows participants to know and master Cloud Computing and these new challenges. It is based on various research works as well as those of ENISA, ISACA, (ISC)² and ISO.

Far from being a fashionable phenomenon, Cloud Computing is today a major evolution in IT, both for customers and solution providers. However, the first issue that comes to mind when talking about Cloud Computing is its security.

Our 3-day Cloud Computing Security training course will allow you to deploy security devices throughout your Cloud. Based on the work, norms and standards of professional and specialized organizations in the field, you will study the leading solutions on the market.

The main objectives of implementing these security methods are cost optimization and simplification of management in terms of security. Through this training you will be able to deploy optimized security on both private and public Cloud.

3 Days

  • IS security managers, CISOs, CIL to obtain a cross-functional vision of security
  • IT security engineers, network and IS security consultants, security experts and freelancers
  • Computer technicians, support and technical assistance (level 1, 2 & 3)
  • System and network administrators
  • Project leaders and managers to be aware of current security threats
  • Master the concept of Cloud Computing
  • Understand all the risks related to Cloud Computing
  • Understand the generic means of Cloud security
  • Be able to draw inspiration from the solutions and approaches of Cloud operators to secure its approach and scan the work of large organizations on Cloud Computing
  • Learn how to ensure a secure migration to the Cloud
  1. Overview of Cloud Computing services: features, models, deployments
  2. Security analyses: opportunities and constraints, security assessment, selection criteria
  3. Compliance: legal and contractual aspects, service levels, audits, standards and certifications
  4. Architecture: data security, system and application security, identity and access management, cryptographic management, virtualization
  5. Responding to security incidents
  6. Cloud services security architectures and requirements
  7. Data security
  8. Platform and infrastructure security
  9. Application Security
  10. Safety of operations
  11. Legal aspects and compliance

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